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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Nursing homes flouting the law, kicking out residents
Central Coast Elder Justice Summit June 10, 2016


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Elder abuse

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Today, June 15, is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. How can you celebrate?

1. Visit with an elderly friend, family member or neighbor. Seniors who are isolated are more likely to be taken advantage of due to confusion, fear, poor health or loneliness. Gain this person's trust through regular contact. Listen closely. If something doesn't sound right, or you see unexplained injuries, take action!

2. Check up on elderly friends and relatives who live in nursing homes or other institutions. Observe how the staff responds to and treats him or her.

Nursing homes flouting the law, kicking out residents

Residential care facilities for the elderly must follow federal law when they decide to evict a resident. A recent article shows that some do not follow the law, and even if the patient successfully appeals a decision to evict, those directives are sometimes ignored.

Central Coast Elder Justice Summit June 10, 2016

This event should interest anyone involved in elder care and elder protection. Sounds very useful. See you there!

Register here for Elder Justice Summit.

The grandparent scam

There was a desperate edge to Nancy's voice as her daughter picked up the phone.

"Is Melissa OK?" Nancy asked, not even pausing to say hello.

"Sure, Mom," her daughter replied, "she's at college. Why?"

Moments earlier, Nancy had received a disturbing phone call informing her that her granddaughter was in a distant country and had been arrested. Bail money was urgently needed. The mysterious caller did not identify Melissa by name. But the call struck terror into Nancy's heart.

Take No Prisoners

The Santa Clara County Public Guardian's Office (San Jose) is under fire following allegations that the office seized control of elders' assets - including their homes - secretly confined them in nursing homes and refused to let relatives visit them or even know their locations. 

In effect, the elders were kidnapped. The elders were not being physically or financially abused, neglected, or mistreated; in fact, they were exercising their right to live at home under the care of those they love.

How do I cheat you? Let me count the ways.

When it comes to elders and their assets, greed and creativity combine to produce an endless variety of schemes to defraud. Here are some actual fact patterns from my case files over the past few years.

I just can't wait until you dieā€¦  

A favorite nephew is the sole beneficiary of Joe's living trust. Joe is childless and disabled. He lives in a trailer on his 10 acres of land, which has increased in value. Joe notices that this year, he didn't receive a property tax bill.
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